Dear adbrix users,

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by EU came into full force in May 25th, 2018. Violating GDPR will result in administrative penalties, such as heavy penalties. Companies that deal with EU need to be careful not to violate the regulation.
According to GDPR, when you are running business to EU residents, you can collect and proceed user information only when the users explicitly consent to the collection and process. Please also note, GDPR classifies Google Advertising ID (ADID) and Identifier for Advertiser (IDFA), which are used by most mobile app advertisers and measurement & analytics solutions as identifiers, as personal information. Therefore, adbrix’s customers who are operating business in EU countries should take measures to enable adbrix to measure and analyze user data only when the app users explicitly consent to such usage.
To enable our customers to comply with GDPR, there is a GDPR setting section in adbrix’s SDK.
If an app user refuses to collect and process his or her information, adbrix’s GDPR event will be called so as not to collect or process that user’s information.
Once the GDPR event has been called, the SDK will cease to operate in the future and all the in app activities’ information will stop being saved and transferred. However, please keep in mind that once the event has been called, the settings will be retained until the user uninstalls the app and re-installs it.

**Note **
adbrix provides functions only to help customers comply with GDPR. The interpretation and application of GDPR, and the responsibility for it, are at the customer’s discretion. For more information, please contact your in-house legal department or a professional law firm.

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