Dear adbrix users,

adbrix has been certified as the first Korea-based Mobile App Conversion Tracking (MACT) partner by Twitter. With MACT partner certification on Twitter, adbrix is now the first Korean solution to provide ad performance tracking and event management for Twitter’s mobile app campaigns.

Twitter’s advertising products can maximize campaign performance with unique targeting options such as interests, followers, and keywords. As a global platform, you can easily execute your ads to global users.
With adbrix, you can easily track mobile app promotion campaign performance on Twitter, and postback events such as app installs, in-app events, in-app purchase conversions with simple settings.


※ How to start Twitter Mobile App Promotion?

Step 1. Connect Account

트위터 추가설정 화면

Twitter additional setting screen

Connect your app to the Twitter account you are running ads on.

Step 2. Setting Lookback Window & Postback

트위터 트래킹 설정 화면

Twitter tracking setting screen

Set up events you choose to postback from adbrix and lookback window period.

These two steps complete all settings.

When you start a promotion on Twitter, the report will be automatically available from adbrix, starting from the first conversion. You can see your Twitter ad performance on all of the analytic metrics provide by adbrix.

You can find out more about the setting in the Twitter integration guide.   Go to Guide>

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you.

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